Silver Needle bar

Silver Needle Bar

At Silver Needle, we’re changing the mobile bar scene with a brand new concept.

We’re excited to show you, the first No/Low bar in the world, to dedicate itself to a combination of no to low alcohol and tea.

Delighted to offer a unique service, with custom-tailored cocktails.
We want to push boundaries for what a mobile bar is, challenging the need for heavy alcohol at events.

With the unexpected combination of tea with low alcohol spirits, we have created something totally unique to this world.

With Silver Needle you get a product made from the best ingredients, cocktails never seen before, tailored after your needs and preferences. We offer a lot of custommade cocktails, so we can make your event out of the ordinary. To give you the best experience of the bar, you will choose the details, while guided with our knowledge, all the way through.