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Top 5 Wedding Gown Trends in 2023

Text: Sheryl Yip (Founder and Bespoke Designer @sherylyipbridal)
Publish: Bryllupper i Nordsjælland

Fashion runway trends influence heavily on bridal industry. Yet unlike daily wardrobe, when we talk about wedding dress trends, it normally lasts a little longer than one season (more than half a year). Some beautiful designs could be evolved over a few years. It is mainly because brides-to-be request more time to adapt to trends and digest the newness to their “one-and-only”. To be your timeless piece, the wedding gown is better to fit and highlight your style and personality. Whether or not you are a romantic bride, a modern bride, or a fashion bride, check out the below 2023 Top 5 Wedding Trends, and more professional tips will be shared based on different body shapes and personal tastes. 🙂 Let’s get started!

1) Signature Sleeves (Keep doing Strong!)

A beautiful example of a long-lasting wedding trend is “Sleeves”, which is still staying strong but evolving with newness every season since 2018. We have seen various off-shoulder, detachable pairs, and puffy dramatic sleeves in recent years. I received a lot of requests to design unique and statement sleeves for my bespoke brides. Sleeves are versatile when they can be detachable, and undoubtedly become a signature highlight to your wedding outfit.
Sleeve designs could be fashionable, feminine, and contemporary. They match all kinds of dress silhouettes from A-line to Mermaid.

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Featured in British VOGUE Magazine
SYA Bride wears Bespoke Wedding Gown in Dramatic Bubble Sleeves from SHERYL YIP ATELIER. Photo by Evia Zachariah

For brides who have flabby arms, they normally request to add sleeves in covering the arms, but pay attention to the shape and material of the sleeves. Try to avoid sleeves like dropped off-shoulder or tightly fitted sleeves. On the contrary, these shapes draw unwanted visual attention to the biceps. Instead, a mid-length flare or bell shape sleeves could be a wonderful option. While if your dress is already sophisticated and full of details, choosing short or clean detachable sleeves could be a fashionable add-on. For petite brides who love sleeves, I would recommend picking a sheer and simple sleeves design so to show a little more skin. Otherwise, it will look too heavy as if the dress outshines you. For skinny brides, a draped down off-shoulder sleeves would be a lovely choice. If you have long arms, a pair of dramatic and layered sleeves will be a fantastic idea to balance the body proportion, like my SYA bride in the above photos.

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Sleeves Sketches and Bespoke Design by SHERYL YIP ATELIER. Photo by Sheryl Yip

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Actress and Singer, Sandra Elsfort, wears SYA Cloudy Sleeves Wedding Gown at Det Kongelige Teater – The Danish Royal Theatre. Wedding Gown by SHERYL YIP ATELIER.
Photo by Jan Christensen @foto_jan @sandraelsfort

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Here are some sleeves designs that are in trend
– Detachable sleeves (wear them during the ceremony and detach them on the dance floor)
– Off-shoulder sleeves
– Bubble Sleeves
– Cloudy Sleeves
– Puffy Cuffed Sleeves

2) Sexy “Smile” Neckline

Another beautiful big hit is the neckline design. A detail we see more and more often this year is the strapless scoop neckline, or I named it the “Smile” neckline. It gives a new vibe to the classic sweetheart or flat neckline by showing a bit of cleavage. The great news is – this seductive detail is flattering for both brides who are with large boobs or small boobs.

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SYA Bride on Bespoke Wedding Gown in “Smile” Neckline Design
Bespoke Gown by SHERYL YIP ATELIER. Left Photo by Evia Zachariah, Right by Sheryl Yip

3) New Transform – Gloves

Long gloves are classy and elegant, like what we see in Audrey Hepburn in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”. However, in 2023, wedding gloves design transformed the perception we reckon them. Gloves’ materials in different opacities (sheer tulle, organza, or solid satin) will be seen on this cute pair in the coming season.

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Gloves are great to pair with a sleek column gown, elegant mermaid dress, and modern simple wedding gown. Again, they are detachable, so it is flexible in bridal styling.

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SYA Bride on Bespoke Wedding Gown in Detachable Gloves Sleeves
Bespoke Gown by SHERYL YIP ATELIER. Photo by @Jewanzoom

4) Elizabethan Corsetry and Inside-Out

We found a lot of corsetry designs in 2023 runway shows like Dior and Versace to name a few. Elizabethan Era corset and Tudor corset (flat corset) are also introducing lately to the bridal world.

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Sheer corsetry and lace details on the bodice are one of the hottest wedding styles over the past 5 years. But what we see in the current season is the draping fabric on top of the structural corset. The beautiful draping fabric could be in satin and mikado, which is mostly solid material. The corset inside-out design highlights femininity and creates a flattering shape for brides’ body shapes. It is also a functional design to showcase the brides’ assets. Brides who do not like body-restricted feelings can still choose it – as long as the boning construction is not going further down the waist.

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Draping and Design by SHERYL YIP ATELIER. Photo by Sheryl Yip

5) Sustainable Bridal Separates

We take pride in “bæredygtighed” for all sorts of business in Denmark, same to the wedding industry. This is all about the “Bridal Separates” concept that I and my brides appreciate a lot.

It is a new bridal and sustainable concept since season 2016 (more or less). With this combo concept, brides can achieve different looks in the same outfits and can wear the bridal separates again for other occasions afterwards. It is usually more functional and modern when compared to a usual wedding dress. You can mix and match the wedding attires yourself, eg a top paired with wedding pants etc.

pic10 Brudekjoler

Photo and Bespoke Bridal Separates “Top-and-Pants Combo” by SHERYL YIP ATELIER

I have a lovely SYA bride who had a bespoke order of “top-and-pants-combo” for her second bridal outfit for dancing. She and her husband later told me they love this outfit and felt super comfy in dancing.

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SYA Bride on Bespoke Bridal Separates – Handcrafted Lace Appliqué Corset Top with Pants
Photo by @annemiebak

What I have mentioned earlier for Trend #1 about detachable sleeves is also part of this “Bridal Separates” concept.

If you like this concept for your wedding gown, talk to your wedding gown designer and we will find out a lovely design solution for you.

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Fashion trends inspire and give us more newness and varieties of wedding gown designs. Most importantly, wearing a wedding gown that is well-fitted to your personality and body figure. I believe this is the best way to empower and highlight woman’s femininity and confidence.

If you have any questions, or wish to hear more about how I could help to design your dream wedding attire, you are welcome to book a 1-on-1 bridal consultation with me at my atelier – meeting includes the gown trial fitting and a body measurement session. Book an appointment via hello@sherylyipbridal.com

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Lastly, I hope you enjoy your dream-come-true journey during the wedding dress hunt:) Hope to hear from you soon. Good luck!

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Xx Sheryl
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